CJ Malott

CJ Malott

CJ joined the CO+OP team in February of 2018 as Director of Operations (COO).  He brings with him years of experience in the nonprofit world, serving as pastor to students and family ministries.  He has a heart for connecting people and resources and will help CO+OP members save ministry dollars. 

Fun Facts About CJ:

Three words to describe me would be…analytical, optimistic, and strategic

I do my best thinking when I am…laying in bed at night

I always smile when…Amy calls

My dream vacation would be…somewhere quiet with the family, unlimited coffee, a good book, and my Eno hammock

The last book I read was…“Slave” by John MacArthur

You out to see my collection of…books

When I am cruising in my truck I am…listening to hymns

If you ask me there would never be enough… coffee

You will never catch me eating…tofu

In my spare time, you will find me…hanging out with the family

My all time favorite movie is…While You Were Sleeping

When it comes to TV shows, I try not to miss…any University of Michigan sporting event

The one thing I will not leave home without is…my JoeMo and cell phone

The best thing about my role at the CO+OP is…investing in the staff