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Churches around the country have partnered with Sharp Business Systems to help them run more efficiently behind the scenes and give their sermons or Bible studies a modern makeover. This is a “win-win” for CO+OP members who are legacy ABM customers. Why? Because ABM, a longtime CO+OP member and premier office equipment dealer, was acquired by Sharp Business Systems in July. They were selected to join Sharp because of their pristine reputation as a true technology partner to business and churches alike in the Houston area. Not only will legacy customers continue to be cared for by the same technicians they’ve come to know, they will also receive exclusive CO+OP pricing on Sharp’s full array of business technology and services. CO+OP pricing is also available to all members who wish to team up with Sharp.  

Sharp Business Systems wants to share some unique ways they can serve as an extension of your team. On top of upholding excellent customer support, they also take pride in exceeding their church customers’ expectations. Here are some unconventional ways Sharp can support your house of worship. 

You can focus on growing your congregation.

Churches need more than a vendor. They need a customer-centric partner that can lift the weight of technology off the shoulders of clergy, staff and volunteers. By passing along their technology challenges to this partner, churches gain more freedom and time to grow the congregation rather than getting distracted by technology bottlenecks.

Keep worshippers tuned in and attract younger parishioners.

In today’s screen-driven world, it is a must to incorporate engaging proAV technology into your services. The use of bright, eye-catching professional monitors to display faith-based passages and words to Christian hymns and songs can inspire parishioners to experience a deeper connection through sight and sound. Many young parishioners take this into account when choosing a church they can identify with. 

Keep worshippers tuned in and attract younger parishioners.

IT problems are unavoidable. That’s why many churches look for a tech-savvy volunteer, often the Youth Pastor, but that person has other full-time responsibilities. When passwords are lost, email stops working, or a virus takes over, your church can grind to a halt, especially if your IT volunteer is offsite or attending to other responsibilities. With the support of Sharp’s managed IT services, such as 24/7 help desk support and data backups, you can rest easy having the proper support in place to help address issues on the spot

Turn your church records into digital files.

Have you considered converting your hardcopy records into digital files? This digital transformation can protect your congregation’s sacred documents by turning papers into electronic files and storing them in a secure electronic libraryCapturing and retrieving files is a cinch, and the ability to eliminate those old bulky file cabinets is a nice byproduct.

Print colorful church programs and flyers on demand.

Sharp has a wide range of color MFPs and finishers that allows churches to print vibrant professionallooking materials. Rather than outsourcing print runs for church programs, flyers and posters, this can be done in house, allowing churches to make lastminute updates to flyers and programs and print however many pieces they need, when they need them. 

We welcome you to schedule a meetandgreet with your dedicated Sharp Business Systems CO+OP representative today, to learn more about Sharp’s ability to support your church and our special member pricing. 


Daniel Anders