Kirsten Walker

Kirsten Walker

Kirsten Walker (pronounced Keerstin) is our Connection Partner for north Houston. Kirsten is a Baylor Grad who is attending seminary Tuesday evenings to obtain a Master of Divinity.

​Kirsten is excited about taking good care of our CO+OP members and bringing more growth to our organization. You can reach Kirsten at

Fun Facts About Kirsten:

Three words to describe me would be…joyful, wise, and loving.

I do my best thinking when I am…listening to music; although some would say while I am pacing. 

I always smile when…I’m surrounded by family.

My dream vacation would be…to visit Greece.

The last book I read was…“The Spiritual Condition of Infants: A Biblical-Historical Survey and Systematic Proposal” by Adam Harwood.

You out to see my collection of…stickers.

When I am cruising in my car I am…listening to music.

If you ask me there would never be enough…Tex-Mex restaurants.

You will never catch me eating…olives, no matter how hard I try to like them.

In my spare time, you will find me…hiking, riding four-wheelers, and enjoying the mountains.

My all time favorite movie is…Pride and Prejudice.

When it comes to TV shows, I try not to miss…“Criminal Minds”

The one thing I will not leave home without is…my phone.

The best thing about my role at the CO+OP is…all the different people I get to meet and the fact that I get to help make connections that benefit ministries in the community.