Imperial Utilities & Sustainability, Inc.

​Imperial Utilities & Sustainability, Inc.

Imperial Utilities & Sustainability, Inc.

Before I started Imperial Utilities & Sustainability, Inc., I served as an energy manager. Constantly being approached by different vendors, I found myself lost and confused about which direction to go. This led to the creation of this company that now focuses on education and compartmentalization of information to be used in proper situations. Our company provides analytical support for clients that are looking to reduce their utility consumption either through monitoring or specific projects. This includes electricity, water, gas, and other utilities found on site. We also educate customers about opportunities for savings that are available by utility providers. The three most important products that we provide are:

  • Monthly monitoring of utilities (not just electricity). Our analysis is much different than basic analysis provided by most companies. We focus on consumption, comparison against other similar facilities, demand level, Power Factors, and weather normalization
  • ROI and payback analysis for projects
  • Assist with utility sponsored revenue generation and incentive programs
  • We have been in business for six years. The biggest challenge we face is educating our customers about our services and overlooked opportunities that we bring to the table. Our success is a result of two simple factors:
    • Our costs are low enough that organizations with low revenue streams can easily afford us.
    • We provide high levels of information that lead to reductions in utility costs that are much higher than the cost of our services.
Since the facility management and operations market is so large and contains many different areas, customers may find themselves working with numerous vendors who specialize in particular areas. Often this leads to fragmentation of information and lost opportunities. When vendors develop relationships within the organization, it leads to trust and partnership and eventually to a holistic approach for projects. This cooperation usually results in much higher customer satisfaction and financial gain for the organization.

Very often our customers find themselves trying to solve utility related problems that are outside their scope of work and cannot afford to hire outside help. Over the years, our company and staff have gained a very deep perspective on many different issues. Combining that with our relationship with many contractors, we often try to assist our customers free of charge. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information before the customer makes a decision about the future operation of their facility and we focus on keeping customers for years. It is important to develop a relationship that goes beyond work and a paycheck. Trust and friendship usually pay much higher dividends then people expect!

If you would like to learn more about our business and the services we provide, please visit our website at

We are located at:

4545 Bissonnet, Suite 114
Bellaire, Texas 77401


Paul Brokhin