Gary Blondell

Gary Blondell

Gary is one of our CO+OP representatives connecting members with vendors. Gary joined the team in June of 2015. His area of responsibility is the Houston area, south of I-10. As a native Houstonian, with years of experience providing quality service, he will prove to be valuable in helping your ministry save resources while connecting you with CO+OP vendors to meet your needs. If you have not met Gary, be sure to arrange an opportunity to personally introduce himself to you.

Gary has been married 37 years to his wonderful wife Mary, and they are proud parents of a daughter and son. They enjoy time together with friends, lots of local family, gardening, and playing with their dog, Boomer.


Fun Facts About Gary:

Three words to describe me would be…nature-loving, competitive, and personable. 

I do my best thinking when I am…sitting in by backyard.

I always smile when…my dog chases the ball.

My dream vacation would be…on my own tropical island with my wife.

The last book I read was…“Tridents First Gleaming”.

You out to see my collection of…baseball cards.

When I am cruising in my truck I am…listening and singing to country music.

If you ask me there would never be enough…barbeque.

You will never catch me eating…haggis.

In my spare time, you will find me…gardening, playing with my dog, golfing or walking with my wife.

My all time favorite movie is…Patton.

When it comes to TV shows, I try not to miss…Blacklist, Grimm, and Chicago Fire.

The one thing I will not leave home without is…my cell phone. 

The best thing about my job is…meeting and connecting with people.

What I like about my work at the CO+OP is…helping churches and other nonprofits save money.