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Working for Texas for 148 Years

For 148 years, Frost Bank has operated within the State of Texas, founded in San Antonio in 1868. The seven regions they operate in are Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christ and the Rio Grande Valley…and each region has multiple locations offering banking, insurance, and investments.

Throughout their history, they have worked extensively with churches, schools, health care providers, civic and social service organizations, Student-Senior-Affordable housing and government entities of every kind. Reference information can be provided, but only with the permission of their clients.

Frost Bank’s Mission Statement is contained in their “Blue Book” and clearly states what Frost is all about: “We will grow and prosper; building long-term relationships based on top quality service, high ethical standards, and safe, sound assets.”

That simple statement is what they live by and it guides them in the way they treat their clients, shareholders, and each other. They also avoided the meltdown in the financial markets because they built relationships, and did not just do “deals” to make a quick buck. Their clients never had to worry if their bank was going to be there for them.

Frost has earned many national awards for outstanding client service. The Public Finance Division is focused exclusively on the financial needs of non-profit and government organizations. The Public Finance staff understands the challenges and opportunities that face these organizations and are skilled at tailoring solutions to meet those needs. Frost is among the highest rated banks on financial strength and soundness. Their capital ratios exceed regulatory requirements and they were the first major bank in the country to reject the governments TARP bank bailout funds. During the 1980’s, of the top ten Texas banks, Frost was the only one to survive as an independent bank and they remain independent today.

Frost Bank employees are certified and/or licensed. Their office hours vary by market. Contact any of the Frost Bank representatives listed below by area or visit their websites or for more information.

Noel M. Byrne
Division Manager

Shirley Cox
North TX Sales Manager

Anthony White
South TX Team Leader

Kim Spears
Statewide Public Finance Coordinator

Jeff Nuckols
Houston Team Leader

Frost lives by a set of principles. Learn how our customers think we’re doing, and share your own experiences.

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