Daikin Applied

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Daikin Applied is a member of Daikin Industries, Ltd, the world’s #1 air conditioning company. Because it is founded in a firm conviction of People-Centered Management, we believe the growth of our company is directly tied to the growth of our people and serving customers in more than 150 countries. Daikin Industries, Ltd has more than 90 production sites worldwide.

Daikin offers and services Chillers, Air Handling Units, Rooftop Units, Variable Refrigerant Flow, Split Systems, and Packaged Rooftop Units, and services all brands of this type of equipment.

We also make some of the most innovative products in the world in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) space. Over the past ten years Daikin Applied has developed ground-breaking technologies, such as the Variable Refrigerant Flow systems, a technology which we created and which has become one of the fastest-growing products in the HVAC industry. Another developed by Daikin is Chiller Technology, which drove down energy costs by 40%.

Daikin provides different types of service agreements that we customize to fit our customer’s needs. This includes anything from annual inspections to total comprehensive coverage (if any parts break, they are covered under the agreement). We can perform these services on all of the major manufactures of this type of equipment such as Trane, York, or Carrier.

Daikin has extensive experience working with churches and non-profits, including Bear Creek Baptist, Kingwood Baptist, the Archdiocese of Houston/Galveston, Champion Forest Baptist, St. John Vianney, Faithbridge Church, Lilly Grove Baptist, Prince of Peace, and St. Mary’s Seminary.

For more information or the name of your local Daikin Applied representative, call (800) 432-1342.


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