Church Interiors, Inc.

Contact Phone: 254-652-2084

Church Interiors is the nation’s leading church decorating, remodeling, restoration and renovation specialist. Their company was established in 1981 and initially provided re-upholstery services for courtroom benches, as well as pew upholstering services. Since that time, they have expanded their services to include pulpits, theater seating, pew cushions and pads, and they have become a complete church decorating, remodeling, restoration and renovation company, offering a host of services designed to enhance your worship experience.

Their services include, but are not limited to:
  • church decorating
  • remodeling and renovations of church furniture upholstery, carpet, chairs and pews, courtroom benches, theater seating, multimedia, pulpits, as well as pew cushions/pads upholstery
  • refinishing and restoration, and more!
For more information regarding their services, explore their website and then call them toll free at 800-289-7397. They are sensitive to your style of worship and look forward to hearing from you.



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