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Buckeye Cleaning Centers is a supplier offering an extensive line of high quality cleaning and maintenance products, equipment, and a wide assortment of custodial supplies. Buckeye manufactures the Buckeye line of Cleaning/Maintenance chemicals, Symmetry Hand Hygiene products, Reflections Gym Floor Care products and Gateway Can Liners. Each product is designed with quality, innovation and integrity in mind. We also ally with manufacturers to distribute paper, mops, mats and pads, making us a one-stop shop that provides all custodial supplies for your facilities.

One of Buckeye’s biggest breakthroughs was the development of patented Liquescent technology. This water-based technology strengthens the cleaning power of Buckeye products and replaces hazardous chemical ingredients. This has helped Buckeye to manufacture effective products that are environmentally friendly and safe for the user.

Our Cleaning Centers pride themselves on providing superior customer service. Buckeye customers receive professional support and training that promote human health and environmental safety, and save 20-50% following our standardized cleaning and maintenance programs. Customers can place orders 24 hours a day using our online ordering system, www.buckeye.biz. We customize programs for each of our clients’ needs, also offering them the ability to view all of the products we distribute from our warehouses. The site is built into our data entry system, allowing our customers to see their order history, payment history and order tracking.

The Buckeye Cleaning Center sales force is factory trained in the Buckeye line of products as well as receiving support from other manufacturers’ representatives. Our Schools/Government specialists are well versed in identifying customer needs and provide training with the correct procedures for their staffs. Our salary based sales reps provide training and product knowledge to help our customers save labor and product dollars through our patented chemistry. Our Cleaning Centers provide service, quality products and cost savings to our customers. The Buckeye Cleaning Center has established a reputation for providing products of superior performance and safety as well as an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

Buckeye has a proven track record of service to churches and non-profits, including Fallbrook Church, Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Goodwill Houston, and Sugarland First United Methodist in the Houston area. And we are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Founded in 1844, Buckeye has grown to a nationwide presence of 30 locations. In Houston we are located at 16420 West Hardy Road, Suite 150, Houston TX 77060.

Website: www.buckeyeinternational.com


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