Andrea MacKellar

Andrea MacKellar

Andrea joined the CO+OP team in November of 2016 as the Conference Coordinator. Her role is to work closely with the Conference Director in coordinating the many aspects of the annual conference that brings together over 1,000 people in one day for learning, networking, fellowshipping and visiting CO+OP vendors.

A native Chicagoan, Andrea received her BGS from LSU-Shreveport. Several of her writings have been published including poems, short stories and a personal essay. In her spare time Andrea teaches Pre-K/Kindergarten kids in the children’s choir at Champion Forest Baptist Church. She is also learning American Sign Language and is an active member of a newly formed sign choir.

Three words to describe me would be…loving, dedicated, and silly

I do my best thinking when I am…calm

I always smile when…I just always smile

My dream vacation would be…to take a year long cruise around the world

The last book I read was…“Unoffendable” by Brant Hansen

You out to see my collection of…Christmas cookie recipes

When I am cruising in my truck I am…singing

If you ask me there would never be enough… hugs

You will never catch me eating…oysters- tried them once and it was more than enough!!

In my spare time, you will find me…reading or playing word puzzles with my mom

My all time favorite movie is…LadyHawke

When it comes to TV shows, I try not to miss…Sugar Showdown

The one thing I will not leave home without is…lip balm