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CO+OP Magazine provides educational content and information about CO+OP Vendors.  Each issue includes a theme that is relevant to ministries. Also included are Departments which focus on the business side of ministries or ministry tools. 

We print a special edition of CO+OP magazine every two years in August.  This is what we call the Vendor Resource Manual.  Instead of articles, we allow our Approved CO+OP Vendors a full extra page to write about their organization, products and services.

Our February issue each year centers around the Texas Ministry Conference and usually includes articles written by some of our conference presenters.  Inserted in the middle of the issue is the current Texas Ministry Conference Brochure that includes all the workshops for that year.

If you are interested in submitting an article for future issues, please contact our publisher, Patti Malott, at 832-478-5131.

Feel free to take a few minutes to glance through the archived issues.  If you would like reprints of any issue, please contact the author directly for permission, or contact the CO+OP office at 832-478-5131. 

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